I have been persuaded by other members of my team to tell people about the charitable work that we do here at PLANarama. It’s something I feel passionate about but I don’t always think it should be shouted about but I have been motivated to do this so here we go…

HIV Positive Kids at Kings College Hospital

This will be the 3rd year we have paid for the Christmas Party of the Children’s HIV positive patients, Carers and staff of the Caldecott Centre at Kings College Hospital. This year we funded over 30 people to see the West End production of Wicked followed by a Christmas meal. I enjoy funding these direct projects and seeing the direct and happy results.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

This will be the 4th year we have designed and donated the Christmas Decorations for the Dulwich Picture Gallery in South East London. This year we designed a frosty woodland scene featuring a range of woodland animals. The scene runs the complete length of the cloisters at the Gallery and strikes the right balance of festiveness yet sophisticated enough to sit in this prestigious art institution. Ian Dejardin the Galleries director said ‘the best Christmas Decorations so far’ Read more at dulwichonview.org.uk

Antony Nolan Trust

We have made the biggest and most substantial donation this year to this amazing charity that connects patients to donors. The work of the charity was bought to my attention by one of my best friends finding out she had leukaemia earlier this year. The Antony Nolan trust matched her to a donor in Germany and she is currently having a bone marrow transplant thanks to the Charity. You can read more about the fantastic work that this charity does at http://www.anthonynolan.org.uk/

Treasure Films

Earlier this year we also made another substantial donation to Treasure Films (http://www.treasurefilms.co.uk/) which provides media and visual training to young people and adult groups. This aim of this enterprise is to encourage communication through media art by creating projects that promote and celebrate diversity.

I would like to thank the PLANarama team for their hard work and dedication that have made these donations possible

Happy Holidays to everyone and a prosperous New Year!