Debenhams asked us to collaborate with them on their Christmas 2017 You Shall window display. We worked with them to recreate oversized replicas of three brands perfume bottles, Elie Saab, Lancome and Viktor & Rolf. Designing and producing them from layers of acrylic shelving and an MDF formed and sprayed top for each of the bottle then added in the signature fragrance details, for Lancome we added a formed silver leaf to the neck, or Viktor & Rolf we added a V&R signature logo and for Elie Saab we added the logo to the top of the bottle cap as well as the beautiful gold and teal blue petals to the neck of the bottle, made from heat bent acrylic. 

On each of the shelves we added in the 50ml bottle of each fragrance which made up the shape of the whole bottle, it created the beautiful structure of each of the fragrances. After installing the window on reveal there is a a hand shaped vinyl on the window so that when pressed the window comes to life with magic of the bottles spinning and flashing lights.