We worked with Backlash Creative to help bring their designs to life for their client Holland and Barrett, who have launched a £1.5 million campaign to encourage transparency within the Manuka honey industry, the campaign is called ‘The Wonder of Manuka’. Renaming the store Honey & Barrett instantly grabbed the attention of all, as well as the oversized Manuka flower in the window surrounded by smaller Manuka flowers. Once in front of the window you are encouraged to learn more about the wonders of Manuka by pressing on the glass where one of the honeycomb shaped vinyls have been placed - then a video will start playing on screen and you will hear wonders of Manuka.

Entering into the store you are greeted by a Manuka honey stand where you can taste the different strengths of Manuka honey. We helped with the launch of the whole campaign too with a press event which involved having a real hive of bees within the space who are cared for dearly by their beekeeper.

We have to say this has been one of the greatest projects we have worked on to date! Be sure to check out the video Backlash Creative produced from the event.