The brief was Summer to Fall, we had to come up with the concept ourselves giving us real creative freedom. We designed, produced and installed the new creation for On Motcomb Street, the independent boutique in Knightsbridge. Looking closely at the new collection, available in store, we took inspiration from the dresses and the running trend throughout being applique flowers.
Next we looked at the trend in the colours used throughout the collection of dresses, we found this mainly to be purples, pinks, white with subtle hints of red. Developing from this led us on to using the shapes of the dresses, outfits and gowns to see how we could manipulate them into the windows to suit the style of the store as well as the luxury of the brand.
Producing the skeleton of the dress, woman and bustier from a wire and finishing in gold, we added around 1,000 silk artificial flowers into the windows – creating a beautiful elegant skirt for the second window, then adding texture and detail to the other two windows. Creating a purple painted background in all the windows allows the gold wire and delicate flowers to hold their own.